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Shri Keth Singh, RYT

School Director

                                   PHYSICALLY FIT                                   MENTALLY FIT                                SPIRITUALY FIT

Shri Keth Singh, Director of York Mills Karate School, is a fitness and wellbeing professional, who has over 20 years’ experience in martial arts, yoga, and general fitness training and instruction.  Shri brings “the journey of a lifetime”, stemming from his personal experience, to his purpose and passion-serving the community. Growing up on the lap of Eastern philosophy and spiritualism, Shri successfully delivers curricula designed to bring together the core elements of physical conditioning within the context of spiritual wellbeing.  Shri’s unique approach emphasizes the use of yoga and yoga philosophy to foster a dynamic balance of body, mind, and spirit, and enhancement of strength, flexibility, and balance, from the inside out. This conscious journey recognizes that perfect health is a harmoniously integrated unit of body, mind, and spirit.  It ultimately answers the questions: “who am I?”, “what are my unique gifts and talents?”, and “how can I be of service to others?”

As a result of lifelong and ongoing interactions with his guru and personal tutorships with other pundits and yogis, Shri’s personal evolution is ever continuing.  Shri nurtures life skills, helping individuals to create increased confidence, focus, and clarity in their daily lives. Through customized seminars, motivation, team building, adaptation to change, and other relevant issues are targeted.  Shri helps individuals nurture their inner strengths and channel their pure potential as they work towards his ultimate objective:  helping individuals to become the best possible person they are capable of being, physically, mentally, and spiritually, as they strive to achieve their fullest potential.


Shri has been an instructor of martial arts and fitness in the York Mills, Don Mills, and Forest Hill areas for almost 20 years.  He trained under Hanshi Cezar Borkowski, Founder of Northern Karate Schools, since 1985, and was presented with his Fifth Dan in Karate and Kobudo by Hanshi in 2003.  Shri is also a Certified Registered Yoga Instructor ( Chopra Center, Los Angeles, CA.), and has a diploma in nutrition science.  In addition to being Director of York Mills Karate School, Shri has conducted seminars for the East York Board of Education and RBC Financial Group.  He has been an invited guest speaker at York University’s Schulich School of Business, and has taught at Summit Karate Schools, Northern Karate Schools, and Banbury Summer Camp, among others.





Randall Waechter 

Randall Waechter is a research psychologist and Director of York Karate. He has been studying the martial arts for over 15 years, achieving the rank of 2nd degree black belt in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate under Sakamoto Tameyoski Sensei, Takayoshi Alvarez, Gordon Travers, Sarah Daley, Jim Corn and Dr. Steve Stewart, as well as Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point Fighting) under George Dillman, Leo Fong, Remy Presas, and Professor Wally Jay. He has also studied and incorporates Small Circle Jujitsu, Tuite, American Kenpo, and boxing into his art and teaching.


Randall’s approach to the martial arts is guided by the York Karate motto: “Advancing the arts through research” and driven by the goal of developing effective self-defense techniques. By breaking down the motions of traditional kata, drawing from all martial arts, and examining real-life attack scenarios, Randall and his students continue to develop and revise effective self-defense techniques for men and women of all sizes and body types.


With a Ph.D. in Psychology, Randall has drawn upon his educational experience to design a culture of openness and inquiry at York Karate. All of the students are strongly encouraged to think deeply about the motions and origins of the kata and how they can be applied to self-defense scenarios. Students are encouraged to question and be critical of all instruction and techniques. While this is contrary to the culture in most martial arts dojos, it is critical to continuously improve the school and our art. Randall leads this cultural shift by applying his own psychological expertise in examining the relationship between fear/anxiety, focus of attention, and self-defense at both a mental and physical level. Recently, Randall has developed the Ten Principles of Self-Defense, a proprietary system for teaching and applying effective self-defense techniques that have proven effective in real-life attack scenarios.