Ki Karate School
July 4, 2013--

Ki Karate School will be offering summer hours for the months of July and August.

For those students not signed up for our annual membership, an UNLIMITED SUMMER MEMBERSHIP is available for a special price of $200.00 (HST INCLUDED).

Come as many times as you like to hone your skills or just supplement your other camp and summer activities.

Please click here for the SUMMER SCHEDULE

July 9, 2008 –
Rhythm Dance Studio and Ki Karate School under one roof at 6A Tippet Road.


 The word “Ki”, pronounced “key”, means spirit and energy in Japanese.   Like “Rhythm”, an essential part of dance and music, “Ki” is the foundation of many of the martial arts including karate.

 I am pleased to announce that Rhythm has joined forces with Renshi Shri Keth Singh, a fitness and well-being professional with over 20 years experience in the martial arts, yoga, and general fitness training and instruction. 

 Together we plan to launch the Ki Karate School.  

Many of you may already be familiar with Shri as he has been teaching both children and adults in the Toronto and North York area for many years.   It was not only his incredible reputation, but a shared passion and commitment to the art we teach that drew us together.

I have attached a full bio and resume for you to see Shri’s wonderful credentials first-hand, as well as, the schedule for the Fall Karate Program, Pricing, and Registration Forms.

For assistance in selecting the most appropriate class, please feel free to call or email Shri directly at 416-710-4047 or .

 We both look forward to seeing you all at our new premises and home at 6A Tippet Road (Wilson Heights & Wilson Ave) in September.

 Yours Truly,


Rhythm Dance Studio Inc.

Hayley Nathan

Owner/Artistic Director

6A Tippet Road

Toronto, ON  M3H 2V2